Choate Residence

Location: Rush, NY
Project Size: 14.84kW ground mount
Electric usage: 100% reduction
Average Annual Savings: $3,000
Lifetime Savings: $75,000

On their one year anniversary, Al and Bethany Choate were pleased to share their successful solar numbers in year one. “Our first year of operation produced 18,264 kwh, compared to the 17,456 kwh estimated. Meanwhile, because of the mild weather and some conservation efforts, our usage was only 13,846, compared to a more usual 17,500. So that is a success!”

Due to a mild winter, 2016 proved to be a great solar year, stories like Al’s are a growing trend among our solar family. We find that once customers start seeing the savings that a solar array can provide, they start making efforts to change their electric habits, which results in lowering their payback period and increasing their savings.

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