Bielemeier Residential


Prepared For:

Drew Bielemeier
Webster, NY

Total project size is 14.84kW roof mount with four arrays. Two arrays on his barn that are 3.180kW (east and west facing), one that is 2.120kW (south facing), and one that is 6.360kW (south facing)

Average Annual Savings: $3,000
Lifetime Savings: $75,000
Reduction in Electricity Usage: Nearly 90%
Payback Period: 10 years

This payback period is slightly higher than usual because Drew wanted to cover every surface to come as close to 100% coverage as possible. Due to the different directions of the panels, the amount of solar production will differ. South and East will always result in the best solar production, while the panels facing West will produce less. We rarely put solar panels on a roof facing North due to low solar production.

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