What if we told you there’s a solution to combat your unpredictable, rising utility bill? You may have heard it before, and it’s true – switching to solar is the most affordable electricity source that provides stability and consistency for homeowners.

With interest rates climbing and utility rates spiking, now is the best time to switch to solar energy and break free from RG&E, NYSEG, or National Grid. RG&E customers will see a 16% increase in electricity rates and about 11% increase in gas within three years. NYSEG initially requested a shocking 22% increase for customers. These proposed rates will limit the affordability of energy for many households – and even local businesses.

When you install solar for your home, you will see a significant decrease in your monthly bill that the utility companies will never match. Investing in solar will allow you to:

  • Produce your own electricity from the sunlight year-round without solely relying on the utility. 
  • Lower your monthly bill with consistent and stable payments (if you opt to finance your project) or potentially eliminate your bill if you pay in cash.
  • Increase the value of your property by around 4.1% compared to homes without panels.
  • Generate significant savings for years to come.

Some of our customers shared their experience of switching to solar. Here’s a peek at some of the savings their solar systems will produce over the next few years:

Webster homeowner Kathy C. is projected to save $101,028 over 30 years with her 18.8 kW solar system.

Victor homeowner Pat M. will save around $65,253 over 30 years with his 13 kW solar system.

Ontario customer Joe F. is estimated to save $82,760 over 25 years with his 20.7 kW system. You can hear what Joe had to say about his switch to solar in the interview below.

Investing in solar is a sound and smart choice, eliminating the frustration of unpredictable, rising energy costs and offering you stability, consistency, and savings for years to come (the average system could save $73,000 over 30 years). What would you do with those savings?

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