A Conversation with a Solar Land Host John Schreiber Q&A

We recently visited John Schreiber, land host of the Home Leasing solar array in Ontario, NY.

Why did you make the decision to become a land host of a solar array?

My brother and I lived on this farm for all our lives. We retired and the land was vacant, we tried to sell it and no developer at the time was interested in it. When we started to find out the price of what solar was to put up and what the return was going to be for a long term investment, it was better than a cash investment. I just thought the long term would be a better deal, being paid each year.

How did your neighbors feel about the solar array?

Well my brother and I never figured this land was prime farmland. We figured it was a place for a housing development. The neighbors would rather see the solar farm than houses. Nobody was ever against this solar farm.

These rows of panels that are out here to me are like a field of corn. You can look at a field of corn out in your backyard and you don’t say anything about it, what’s wrong with solar panels. They don’t disturb anything, I’m not out here with harvesters. They just do their job.

Why did you choose GreenSpark Solar?

When we started working with GreenSpark, the first thing that really impressed us was that they were local. We did get in touch with some companies out of state and they came out, but we just kept leaning toward GreenSpark. They were the #1 company to work for and they were really progressing fast and that impressed us a lot. I have no qualms about anything with GreenSpark, as far as their workmanship or what they’ve done here, and the people that have been out here working with me. Everything’s gone great!

What has the impact of being a land host been?

As far as income, it is a good deal. It’s a yearly payment and we like the increase every year as the percentage goes up. It’s a good investment of your money. This is a long term investment and I just feel that anybody that wants to put this up is doing good because the sunshine is free! People have to get it in their head that sunshine is free. It is a win, win!

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