Ontario, NY – GreenSpark Solar is honored to be named one of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)’s 2022 Quality Solar Installers. As stated by NYSERDA

“Installers that earn the NYSERDA Quality Solar Installers designation consistently meet high standards of quality. Hiring a NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer means you’re choosing an installer who exceeds annual quality assurance criteria established by NYSERDA and consistently provides top tier performance and quality.”

At GreenSpark, providing quality solar to our customers is our #1 goal. This designation demonstrates that we have completed over 12 projects within the past calendar year (we completed 135 projects in 2021—that’s 45 MWs of solar), with an average field QA score of 4.0 or greater. We’re thrilled to be recognized for bringing the best local, cost-effective, and quality clean energy options to folks in the Greater Rochester community for 20 years. 

As member-owners of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, we’re able to provide our solar customers with the highest-quality materials at industry-best prices while staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest industry practices. Plus, all of the equipment for GreenSpark-installed arrays comes with a 25-year warranty. When you go with GreenSpark, you can be sure you’re getting not only the highest-quality solar panels but also the highest-quality install from our experienced team.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we work hard to make our solar options affordable for everyone. As a participating NYSERDA installer, GreenSpark can secure savings and incentives from New York State for home and business owners interested in making the switch to solar—including the time-sensitive NYSERDA grant. When you go with GreenSpark, you’ll also be eligible for the 26% federal tax credit, which is at its peak right now and will be decreasing at the end of 2022. There’s no time like right now to go solar.

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