4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Solar for Tax Season:

1) Solar Tax Credit of 26% at Its Peak 📈

The 26% Federal Tax Credit will be dropping to 22% in 2021. For a company paying about $4k in electricity a month, this could mean a $36,000 difference in tax savings!

2) Bonus Depreciation ✨

Solar offers two ways to reduce your tax liability: a Federal Solar Tax Credit of 26% + bonus depreciation. This accelerated depreciation allows businesses to claim 100% of the tax benefits in year one.

3) Safe Harbor the Benefits 🔒

GreenSpark will help you secure the 26% tax credit in 2020 so that projects installed in 2021 will capture all the benefits.

4) Avoid Getting Left Behind 🌱

Solar has grown an average of 52% since the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was enacted. From their energy bill to their tax return, businesses are saving big while achieving their Corporate Sustainability goals.


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